As an essential part of SCR Group, the strongest industrial group in Romania, Chimcomplex SA Borzesti is one of the most important chemical producers from Romania. The establishment act of Chemical Work Borzesti was signed in 1954, and in 1959 was inaugurated first objectives: Oxygen Plant, Detoxan and Monochlorobenzene Plants. Since 1960 started working the plants of Caustic Soda based an diaphragm technology, Liquid Chlorine, Sodium Hypochlorite, Evaporation – Melting Plant, together with Lime Chloride and Hexachloran Plants.

In the next years, the structure of the main technological processes was completed with: Chlorosodics Flux and derived and Organic Synthesis Products Flux, where stands out Acetylene - Vinyl Polychloride Line.

The range of products was continuously developed, including gradually other Chloralkali, Inorganic Chlorides, Organic Solvents, Plastics, Alkylamines, Synthesis Intermediaries, Pesticides and Compressed Gases.
In 1990, Chemical Factory Borzesti separated like a distinct company in Petrochemical Factory Borzesti and in 1991 became Chimcomplex SA Borzesti, a joint-stock company.

The most important event for development of the company was signing the Privatization Contract, in June, 9 2003 when SCR Group became the main shareholder of Chimcomplex SA Borzesti. Acting on the same strong ethics of SCR Group, Chimcomplex SA Borzesti offers a safe and clean work place for his employees and also for the environment.
We believe that we can create prosperous businesses without compromise the next generation opportunity to live in a healthy environment.